Who is Jervis Tetch?

Who Is Jervis Tetch?

By Gotham Chronicle
September 26, 2016

The article below may contain spoilers from Gotham Season 3, Episode 2.

Ask any young, hip Gothamite for a list of their favorite local hotspots and Sirens Nightclub is sure to be on the list. Co-owned by reformed Arkham inmate Barbara Kean, Sirens has acquired a reputation for attracting some of the most thrilling and unorthodox entertainers in the country. A perfect example of this: Jervis Tetch, a visiting hypnotist who begins a brief residency at the club this week.

Tetch has gained national recognition for his exhilarating live shows. Those who attend his performances often come away with a newfound respect for the art of hypnosis.

“I feel like educating people is part of my job,” Tetch told the Chronicle during a recent interview at an Italian restaurant in Gotham’s Financial District. “It’s part of my duty as a performer and artist to show my audience new worlds. No one leaves a Jervis Tetch show unchanged…at least not if I can help it.”


What makes Tetch unique is the way he approaches hypnosis as equal parts science and art.

“Getting inside people’s minds is almost medical in nature,” Tetch explained, adjusting his expensive-looking top hat. “It’s a procedure. You’re essentially breaking into their mind. The art comes when you’re deciding what to do when you’re there. Do you make them recite the alphabet backwards? Do you make them laugh everytime someone says the words thank you? Something darker? The possibilities are unlimited.”

At a Tetch show, you’re bound to encounter the usual mind control spectacles: beautiful girls falling in love with Tetch at the simplest of commands, barrel-chested bankers dropping to their knees and calling him Daddy like clingy five-year-olds. But there are unexpected delights as well: Pudgy husbands balance like trained dancers on the backs of chairs, and petite housewives lift heavy oak tables as if they’re made of cardboard.

When asked about the more jaw-dropping moments of his show, Tetch simply said, “People contain multitudes. Within each one of us is another person, a secret person. I have one inside of me, you have one inside of you. The funny part is we’re too wrapped up in who we think we are to see these other people lurking inside us. Hypnosis lets us access these other parts, even if it’s just for a few minutes.”

Even though he’s only been in Gotham for a few days, Tetch is quickly getting to know the city — both its good parts and its bad ones.

“Gotham is a beautiful town,” Tetch said, glancing out the window as a light rain fell on 10th Avenue. “I have family that lives here, so I know it fairly well. It’s home to some of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the country and the nightlife is always exciting. But there is sort of a gloom to it. I, personally, don’t mind it. It’s how a city should feel. But I could see why people might get depressed living here for too long.”

In his brief time in Gotham, Tetch has also managed to familiarize himself with the recent scandals that have rocked the city.

“There’s always quite a lot going on in Gotham, isn’t there?” he said, his eyes sparkling. “Mobsters, political scandals, rouge police detectives, mentally insane criminals roaming the streets. It’s all so tawdry. But as I was saying, within each one of us is another person. Maybe that’s why I feel so at home here. No one is who they really say they are.”

Tickets for Jervis Tetch’s upcoming performances can be purchased at the Sirens Nightclub box office.