Into the Night


Into the Night

By Gotham Chronicle
August 30, 2016

Last night, a spectacular crash occurred involving multiple GCPD squad cars and a prisoner transit bus en route from Arkham. After being sent airborne, the bus landed violently atop a row of parked cars, spewing sparks and steam into the night sky.

The only eyewitness to date is a transient woman who admitted to unlatching the rear hatch of the bus out of concern for potentially injured riders. Traffic cameras captured a view of the hatch swinging open, releasing a grotesque mob of disfigured – and agitated – passengers onto the streets. Shocked but lucid, the woman recalled hearing a sea of disturbing groans as the pack ambled away from the crash site. According to several officers on the scene, she insisted each prisoner had a freakishly inhuman trait all their own.

While a final assessment of evidence is pending, GCPD held an official press conference this morning to announce their manhunt, in which they reluctantly referred to the escapees as “monsters.”

While Gotham has no current legislation specifically addressing rampaging-monster protocol, authorities are urging citizens to stay in their homes until further advised.

Frightened residents, understandably, are demanding answers.