Goodbye Gordon


Goodbye Gordon

By Gotham Chronicle
August 30, 2016

The captivating trial of embattled police detective James Gordon has finally come to a somber close.

Despite his widely renowned record as one of Gotham’s bravest and most tenacious officers, Gordon was quickly found guilty of the charges brought by the prosecution. After weeks of intense trial proceedings, the jury returned a unanimous verdict.

Gordon’s undoing began months ago with the shocking homicide of Gotham’s late mayor, Theo Galavan, whom he had vocally opposed. While accounts placed Gordon at the scene of the crime, evidence against him was flimsy and eventually another suspect, Oswald Cobblepot, was arrested for the vicious murder. Despite Cobblepot’s confession, many questions remained around Gordon’s involvement.

Earlier this year, on the night of Officer Carl Pinkney’s death, lingering doubts about Gordon’s character became outright accusations, when police captain Nathaniel Barnes discovered him standing over the victim’s bloodied body. Records show Pinkney had recently signed a sworn statement placing Gordon at Galavan’s murder, giving the rattled detective an irrefutable motive.

Although Gordon vehemently maintained his innocence throughout the trial, the judge handed down a harsh 40-year sentence, the maximum allowed for the crime. Agents escorted a stoic Gordon from the courthouse, ushering him past the frenzied media circus without a statement. The convict was immediately transported to the notorious Blackgate Penitentiary to begin serving his sentence.