By Gotham Chronicle
August 30, 2016

Police responded early yesterday to reports of a potential bomb in the atrium of the Gotham Museum of Art. According to eyewitnesses, a hulking ceramic grenade – a prominently displayed piece from the current exhibit – began to tick and emit thick clouds of smoke, sending patrons scattering toward the exits.

Explosives technicians quickly arrived on the scene and assessed that the object posed no threat. However, museum officials reported that someone had torn multiple paintings from their frames during the commotion.

Interviews with the museum’s curator revealed that the suspect had drawn small green question marks over the artist’s signatures, providing seemingly intentional clues for police. These cryptic hints led officers to believe that Gotham’s bustling Union Station had been targeted for bombing.

Numerous emergency units were immediately dispatched to the train station, and first responders came on the scene in the nick of time, discovering an active bomb in a row of storage lockers. With seconds to spare, a quick-thinking officer hurled the device into an unoccupied corner of the concourse, where it detonated without a single casualty.

Police describe the perpetrator as both intelligent and calculated. So far no suspects have been named, leaving the department scrambling for leads as they aim to calm a fearful public.