By Gotham Chronicle
August 30, 2016

Victor Fries, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze, is dead.

The city breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, as the GCPD confirmed that Fries’ had indeed died at Arkham Asylum from a self-inflicted wound from his own weapon. His death, however, came as no comfort to the loved ones of the many victims he left during his sick spree across Gotham.

In an ironic twist, Fries took one final life before he died – his wife Nora. As police piece together the story, it has become clear that Fries’ original intention was to save his terminally ill wife with the use of cryogenics. While his motives were noble, Fries sadly began targeting local citizens for experimental trials of his cooling agent. While Fries was linked to the disappearance of many people, it wasn’t until police discovered a makeshift laboratory in his basement that the bodies of his victims were found.

In recent days, Fries’ efforts had grown increasingly aggressive, including attacks on a Gotham City patrolwoman as well as a local pharmacist. A prescription bottle found at the pharmacy helped police trace Fries back to his home where they discovered only an ailing Nora who was taken into custody before being transferred to Arkham for medical treatment.

An angered Fries refused to turn himself in, continuing his experiments and leaving a slew of victims at the ACE Chemical plant where it is believed he acquired his liquid helium.

Fries attacked Arkham Asylum early yesterday, with various reports confirming a violently tense standoff with officers and guards before escaping with his wife and Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who was acting as Nora’s physician.